Monks Cowl Golf Club Membership

Monks Cowl Golf Club Membership through getUgolfing registers you as a member of Monks Cowl Golf Club. Golf 9 Hole, 18 Tee Golf Course (N.G.U.) Rated. So much has been written about this picturesque 9 hole golf course situated in the heart of central Drakensberg. Experience for yourself this tranquil, challenging course. Monks Cowl Golf Club issues you with your official handicap.

Monks Cowl Golf Club Membership

  • Local/National Membership – R950.00 per annum.
  • 16 years and younger – R855.00 per annum.


In order for us to apply for your official handicap through Handicaps Network Africa, we require you to submit a minimum of 5 scores from any recognized 18-hole golf course in South Africa.

How it works

You will be required to complete the online application form or contact the club for an application form to be sent to you. Once completed you will have to return the application with proof of payment (using your name and GOLF) as a reference. If you are already a member of a club, MCGC will have to request your transfer from your current club before they can load you onto the system and order your new card. You may be required to contact your current club and resign from them. If you are a new member and have never belonged to a club you will be loaded onto the system immediately.

Current SAGA card holders will keep their login details and can login manually at a station at clubs or by the app. New members will receive an email from HNA with their user name and login details. You can use the app to change your password if needed. It is suggested that you print this email so that you can show that you are a member of MCGC and are waiting for your card.

Cards are sent to the club on a monthly basis by HNA and can take up to 2 months to be posted to you. If you wish for the card to be sent to you, door to door you will be required to pay an additional R40.00.

Handicapping system

As of 1 October 2019 new rules were implemented and the following changes have been made.

  • You will be required to open a round to get your handicap for the course you are playing on that day.
  • You will also have to close the round on the same day within the prescribed operating hours.
  • Failing this your round will be “unregistered”.
  • No old scores are allowed to be entered any longer by the member nor the club.
  • Late scores will be submitted but not registered therefore having no effect on your handicap.

Please see the link below to the HNA frequently asked questions page for more info.

Membership Fees

We will be able to place you on the HNA system as soon as you pay your Monks Cowl Golf Club Membership fees, and your SAGA card will be applied for, however, your official handicap will be generated immediately. The cards normally take 4 weeks to arrive from HNA, so you should receive it within 5 weeks of applying. Until you receive your S.A.G.A. card, you can email your scores to

Your Monks Cowl Golf Club Membership runs for a calendar year. If you join in June fees are payable again in June the following year.

Please make payment to the below details and email your proof of payment to

Dumazulu Kraal PTY LTD T/A Monks Cowl
Beach Branch
ACC NO. 62365046252
Code. 220126
Ref: Your Full Name  + GOLF

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